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45:01 it sounded bad. toombs says he looked out the window---a vehicle was stopped at the intersection of 27th and burleigh and a child was lying on the ground... motionless. 45:12 what was more troubling to me, was i heard some more noise as the vehicle pulled off. it may have ran the child over. i dont know. it was too much noise and it was disturbing to me. :24 milwaukee police says a male driver hit an 11-year-old girl while she was crossing the street on her bicycle officers continue to search for the suspect... an mpd spokesman say they who he is. just so depressing and just so ashamed that somebody would hit a child and keep on going. grandmother katrena allen hopes the person responsible turns himself in.. and that other drivers in the area take note. they need to slow down and watch out for kids. a day after the tragedy... the noises from the crash continue to
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saying. you aint gon do well with processing that. he says hes praying the little girl makes a full recovery. 49:58 i thought about her all night. toombs says one of his employees did try to follow the suspect in his own vehicle, but he eventually lost him. reporting live outside of childrens hospital... madeline anderson fox6 news. ted thanks madeline a two year old boy is dead an have to happen. police say the boy was crawling though a window when it fell down on him. fox6's myra sanchick talked to the little boy's mother who says she believes a simple thing would have saved her child. he just loved to go outside , loved to play, loved to run. tuesday afternoon michael mccoy the third may have had the though of running and playing on his mind when he crawled feet first
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and wright. before he cleared the window the upper sash came crashing down, killing him. that was my baby and what am i going to tell my daughter, she doesn't have her brother any more? the mother says baby michael's thirteen year old uncle was watching him at the grandmother's home, but fell asleep. when he awoke many looked for the child, but it took at least a half hour before they discovered michael dangling from the window. the mother says the boy's grandmother asked the landlord to put would have put screens on the windows, taken that precaution. my son would have been looking out the window not hanging out of it the city of milwaukee department of neighborhood services says there should have been a screen on the window. i still can't grasp the fact my son's not here no more and a mother wants other parents to know what can happen. put screens on, locks on the windows . yes there's a lesson in this i'm just asking people please if you have little children please just
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that could have been prevented milwaukee police are still investigating and at this point the medical examiner is not making the findings of their report public. in milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood, a new case of violence. a teenager is shot and seriously wounded-- just a few feet from where killed. police are now investigating last nights shooting. a.j. bayatpour is live at district 7 headquarters with the latest... we asked if the shootings were in any way connected...police would only say theyre investigating the circumstances. some longtime residents nearby say its a shame and are urging unity in the neighborhood.
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clear - no tape, no evidence markers. theres also no sign of a neighborhood in distress two blocks away at the ser hair salon. owner ron gilchrist says he gets along with the youth just fine. i give them a good rapport and they give me a good rapport. they always come back, they nicknamed me mr. gill. but police are investigating the shooting of one young man - a 19- year-old. m-p-d says he was shot while sitting in a car near 44th and auer around ten oclock tuesday night. he was dropped off at a with serious gunwound although police say hes expected to survive. it does frustrate you when you hear something happened so close in your particular business area. both gilchrist, and his client, michelle simmons say they can relate to the pain being expressed around here. the salon is named after gilchrsts 13- year-old son, who was killed by a drunk driver 20 years ago. simmons nephew was killed in a robbery 23 years and wouldve turned 40 this month. i was angry at the community. i didnt want to see the streets of milwaukee, or the area where he was taken at.
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kind of way. speaking with the wisdom of longtime sherman park residents, the alternative school teacher and her stylist offer advice to their young neighbors. please, keep informed with your parents. let them know where you are and if its after certain hours of night, the best place to be is at home. lets try to come together and see an ending point to all of this frustration thats going on. some of smiths family was at the scene today. they didnt want to talk, saying only that last nights shooting had nothing to do with their relative. again, police say theyre still investigating the circumstances. live outside district 7, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. ted thanks aj understanding the underlining triggers for violence -- and taking the steps to reduce the change of violence
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th milwaukee's office of violence prevention. but based on the sherman park unrest -- greatly needed. representatives from the office made a presentation before the milwaukee community justice council today. they talked about understanding what works -- what's missing -- investing in things that work -- crisis intervention and more. "..when we have folks returning from incarceration into our communities we have to make sure we have the services to really reconnect, to remove barriers to employment, all of those things are factors in violence prevention." council, includes the district attorney, chief judge, county executive, mayor, and police department representatives. charges have been filed after a man leads police on a high speed chase from wauwatosa into milwaukee and back... 40-year-old lucas byrd is accused of reaching speeds close to 100 miles per hour... authorities say the chase started after officers spotted the stolen car. at the time -- byrd was already wanted
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6-point-2 magnitude earthquake -- and several aftershocks -- hits overnight. many people were sleeping-- and rocked from their beds. "it woke us up. it felt like the bed was on rollers." the death toll just jumped to 159 people killed-- and that number is expected to rise. crumbled buildings and debris are blocking streets in amatrice the rubble searching for survivors... the earthquake was felt as far as rome -- nearly 100 miles away. one milwaukee man is paying especially close attention to the search for survivors in italy. his cousins haven't been heard from since the the earthquake hit. krystle kacner joins us in the newsroom
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now in a panic.. as they haven't hear from his cousin and his cousin's wife almost 24 hours now.. but paladino says.. they're still holding onto to hope... until it hits you, you really have no idea how big of an impact it is. tony paladino has a lot of family in italy.. but most of them live outside of where the earthquake hit... it wasnt until i got to work when the text messages started coming in saying hey, no ones heard from our says at first.. they chalked it up to cell phone issues in the area.... but then.. seen pictures of the area where they're home was and its destroyed, and then you get news that there was a dog that was rescued.that dog.. turned out to be antonino's and simona's dog lady.... hopefully if the dog can find a pocket to survive in, my cousins can find and area to survive. paladino says amidst constantly checking for news... he's trying to keep himself
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once i received that email from that gentleman i was like ok this is happening, theres people involved u- w-m.. they run a continual digital seismometer that records earthquakes ....24-7.... anywhere in the world.. including the one in italy. while the equipment clearly serves a scientific purpose.. its a small part in a much bigger picture it also helps connect something very far from us... the humanistic aspect can never be understatedpalladino hopes to connect with his familso a really big day paladino says he's realizing now more than ever the support from the italian community here in the milwaukee area... glorioso's issued a statement saying... "we are encouraging our community to contribute to one of the many relief funds currently being established for italy. the glorioso family and employees offer condolences to those that have lost friends, family, and loved ones at this time." reporting live from the news
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ted thanks krystle even from here in wisconsin -- there are ways you can make a difference for those in italy. you'll find options for providing support and resources for earthquake victims on the links page of our website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. after shaking up his campaign staff -- donald trum on his immigration policy. and more questions arise about the clinton foundation. how clinton's campaign is responding to a new report about her family's foundation. we'll take you on the campaign trail, next. and... a fan at miller park is injured by a line drive... what people at today's game had to say about the risk of getting close to the action. we have more thunderstorms on the way. i'll show you when the best chance will be coming up in your
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after days of back-and-forth ... donald trump says he will soften his stance on immigration reform. this comes as a report by the associated press finds -- aside from people who work for the u-s government -- more than half of the people who hillary clinton met with while secretary of state gave money to
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trump says: "i had a great meeting with great people, great hispanic leaders and there could certainly be a softening because we're not looking to hurt people." donald trump last night on fox... admitting there could be some give on his immigration policies...following days of speculation he would shift positions on his mass deportation policy. while democrats are focused on a possible flip flop ... trump continues to hammer the clintons over their now calling for a special prosecutor to investigate whether his democratic opponent gave special favors to foundation donors while serving as secretary of state. trump says: "this is out of control what's going on with our country from the standpoint of justice and what's supposed to be happening and law and order. you look at all of these acts where she's 100% guilty. everybody knows she's guilty, she knows she's guilty." off the stump now for almost a week ... and instead on a fundraising
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bringing in over six-million dollars just yesterday from big money donors. the clinton campaign says they're now half way to their billion dollar fundraising goal for 20-16. and while some say they should be concerned over new accusations clinton gave special access to donors .... they deny there's any truth to that ... and political analysts say it most likely will not hurt her in the polls ... stirewalt says: "there are a lot of americas who don't trust hillary clinton and are voting for her anyway ... that tells you s in." blanchard on cam says: "clinton is off the campaign trail again today. she will instead continue fundraising ... tonight at a private event at the home of apple ceo tim cook. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news." it's time for your news and weather together. the waukesha county sheriff's department is searching for a suspect after an armed robbery in the village of eagle. this happened early yesterday morning at a b-p gas station.
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away with cigarettes and cash. he's described as a white man in his early 20's -- thin build and about 5- feet 6-inches tall. anybody with information is asked to call the waukesha county sheriff's department. two carjacking suspects are arrested after crashing into the klement's sausage building near lincoln. police say the two stole one car -- and were trying to carjack another one when they were spotted by an officer. the suspects ran away -- but police were able to catch them. both vehicles were found... and milwaukee police are investigating a semi crash... it happened this afternoon near locust and fond du lac. the truck appeared to be carrying scrap metal. officials tell us the cargo hit a bridge -- causing the truck to tip over. it was the only vehicle involved. police tell us the driver suffered minor injuries -- and received a ticket for driving with a
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toss to weather weather mostly cloudy tonight with a slight chance for an isolated evening thunderstorm. rain chances will increase overnight, especially between 3-8am thursday. temperatures will fall into the upper 60s by sunrise. after early morning rain, skies will start high in the low-to-mid 80s. quiet and cooler on friday before thunderstorm chances return on saturday. tonight: isolated evening t-storm, higher chances overnight. low: 68 dewpoint: 66 wind: w 5 mph thursday: a few morning t-storms then gradual clearing. high: 83 dewpoint: 63 wind: nw 5-10 mph friday:
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high: 74 dewpoint: 57 wind: e 5-10 mph saturday: increasing clouds with the chance for t-storms. am low: 60 high: 78 dewpoint: 64 wind: s 5-10 mph sunday: becoming partly sunny. am low: 64 high: 77 dewpoint: 64 wind: ene 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny. am low: 58 high: 79 dewpoint: 59 wind: e 5-10 tuesday: partly sunny. am low: 61 high: 80 dewpoint: 61 wind: sw 5-10
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area are looking for a good home... and today -- you can take one home for free! we'll explain how -- and where to go -- after the break. get your thursday morning started with fox6 wakeup at 4:30 --- count on us for breaking news, weather and traffic updates until 9 a-m. 30 minutes or less --- we're heading into the kitchen with the beef lady with a quick one pot recipe. and do you have what it takes to join the milwaukee buck's rim rockers? find out
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milwaukee area domestic animal control commission are living in all new facilities! but theyre still looking for families to care for them. the shelter is filling up -- so theyre adopting out some animals for free! fox6s deandra corinthios has the story. summer at an animal shelter is tough. "we get 30 to 50 ani adopt out maybe 10 to 15 a day" its the busiest time of the year at madacc "so we can never keep up with the overflow." but shelter leaders can make the animals more comfortable they just completed a 3 million dollar renovation. a huge outdoor play area.. a surgical suite... and brand new kennels. "there used to be 45 cats in this room, now there are 16 so post renovation they have been able to double their living space which is reducing the animals stress as well as disease"
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adoption program and so many animals are spending more time here it was really important to give them a better quality of life." madacc is running 'adoptapolooza ' adoption promotion through the end of october...hoping to place more animals in forever homes. fees for adult cats are waived...and adult pit bull mixes are 45 dollars. " we have every shape and size cat and dog you could possibly imagine" some dogs..who've been at the shelter for a few weeks ...are free. "they dont necessar difficult to adopt they have just been here slightly longer" you can fill out an adoption application online or at the shelter. "sometimes we can approve that application in as little as ten minutes and then you get to meet the animals" in milwaukee deandra corinthios fox6 news each cat or dog at madacc - goes through a health check. madacc gets them up to date on their vaccines, de-wormed, and micro-chipped .
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click on this story at fox 6 now dot com you'll also find an adoption application you can fill out and submit online. when action on the field -- gets a little too close to fans in the stands. that's what happened yesterday at miller park -- when a fan was hit by a line drive. how fans are reacting at today's game -- just ahea the desperate effort to find survivors in the rubble --
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159 people are confirmed dead in italy after a major earthquake hits the leveling entire towns. officials warn the death toll is likely to rise -- with hundreds of people injured and thousands of others forced from their homes. fox's john huddy has more from the hard-hit town of amatrice death and devastation in italy... a magnitude six earthquake striking as many people were sleeping...around 3:36 a-m wednesday. the quake leveling homes and entire towns in central italy. eighty miles northeast of rome--- several mountain
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been able to pull dozens of victims out of collapsed buildings alive... but, they are now in a race against time to find survivors. bianchetti voice of translator says: "we are trying to help to pull out as many people as possible from the rubble. unfortunately, 90 percent we pull out are dead, but some make it, that's why we are here." emergency workers say it's hard to estimate how many people may be missing... since the region sees a huge influx of summer residents...and president obama and secretary of state kerry have been in contact with italian leaders. earnest says: "to offer his deep condolences on behalf of the american people to the people of italy following the devastating earthquake that struck overnight. president obama saluted the quick action of first responders and volunteers who have been working to save lives." trudeau says: "offered any us assistance italy may require and pledged to stay in close contact." at the vatican - pope francis led public prayers for victims...and


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